Teaching is the…

Teaching is the best engagement in learning. When asked questions, a teacher needs to understand the topic in order to respond. Besides that, the inputs students give have great learning points. For these reasons, even though it was a volunteering program, the competences gained during Global.me project were higher than any theoretical course we could have attended.

Quote from one Trainee from Helsinki

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Global.me Class

Global.me Class

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Multiple Long Exposure



We all know about the time in Tuusula, we all remember the sauna moments, or Liisa`s party, or the first Nordic Circle, the mornings when the kitchen was crowded..even the Sundays when we all went shopping for food (oh food, glorious food!), the trip to Suomenlinna, singing and drinking in the street or walking in the night back to the hostel. This first month was not so much trainings but US in the cabin.

Teaching in Helsinki.. was risky. You knew you have so many other activities, so many other places to see, so many nights to work. Now, I feel like home. All the streets, the buildings, even the bus drivers seem familiar.

5 schools. I met all kind of students (and teachers as well*). After a time, their normal became my normal. If there was silence in the class- I could manage it (impossibru, right?). And the best kind of silence is the silence after a video, the moment when the lesson is other but the students are still there- in silence, still watching at the black screen.

If to think about the time here, there are several images in my head: starting with the housewarming party on a Sunday, the last roads to the school, the mornings with aerobics (hell no, not mine :D ),.. cooking with our students, some unforgettable sessions (the self-awareness one at  Olarin, the globalization 2 at Apollon, human rights at Itakeskus and the Peace Day at the European School), hockey game, theatre, HUB talks, running after the bus (like all the time)..ending up with the first long-lasting snow, the NSS experience, the most emotional moment- the closing event,.. there might be some moments of “oh nice dog, can I play with it?” or “hey peacock, here`s a cookie!” and AIESEC- a lot of AIESEC (HY, Cluj-Napoca, MC Finland, Norwey, Sweeden, Denmark, AI..)..

There are a lot of things I experienced here. A lot of new Dana`s I discovered or protected. I`m pretty sure everybody has the image of an always-smiling me and that`s confusing. I always felt like people miss the courage, the courage to DARE for MORE. For a moment, before accepting the internship – the opportunity to come here and meet all these great people – I missed the courage as well. BUT I had people to push me.

My time here was about making my own experience and sharing it with the students andYOU. Surround yourself with people to lift you up/push your limits. Good or bad, fun or sad- it was worth it


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Although I have been…

Although I`ve been living and studying in a foreign country for the past 2 years, this was my first internship. Although I met a lot of internationals- this was the first time I shared a life with them. Although I was a student- this was the first time I`ve been teaching.

Quote from Danna, Trainee in Helsinki

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Let me tell you a story

How many of you know about the TODLER RULES? I find them really adequate to be taught and look at the world through them. We`re still those selfish kids, using it all up, right?

This week was about ENVIRONMENT. The lesson that our students got started with if it`s broken..it`s your stuff. In the today world- this was/maybe still is the approach to most of our issues.  And this was the attitude we wanted to change. And I think we did a pretty good job, right team? We told a story about ALL THE STUFF there are- the nature..and how much we depend on it. Create your campaign and show that for once, the dark side can change the world.

Talking about the 3R`s (REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE) and having a melodic brainwash it`s not so special in a country were the 3R`s culture has been raised. Speak more about the 4th R- REFUSE!,and give them usual simple stuff (a chair, a glass bottle, a newspaper, a pet) and brainstorm 30 WAYS of reusing them- now that`s an impactful brainwash!

The energy you get after an impactful session filled up the week.  Some of the students became more self-aware, some- more engaged, others- bored (these breaks brake the lesson :D ) and all of them- environment-tained (from entertained, got it? :P ).


Weekly reflection of Trainee in Helsinki

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My experience in the project Global.me in Finland



”He who opens a school closes prisons.” – Victor Hugo

For me it was a big challenge to leave my home comfort and to dunk in the atmosphere of an unknown country, for which though I had heard really nice things and to meet young people from all over the world. My adventures started from the very beginning, from the airport- my luggage got lost, pouring rain greeted me in Helsinki, but irrespective of that, my mood wasn’t influenced at all. I felt that I am on the right place. I had high expectations, i was going to meet new people and overmaster new knowledge and skills and I was so excited!

The first month that we spent in Tuusula was an amazing experience, we were learning Finnish, we met many NGO representatives and we realized that in Finland people think and care a lot about human rights and human education and tolerance and equal opportunities for everyone. We learned many ways of teaching through games.

They prepared us for our meeting with the students. Yes, that was a base preparation with the most necessary, but if a person has decided to dedicate to this profession to be a teacher, he/she should constantly keep learning and improving his/her skills, knowledge, technical, presentation and communication ones. And the students are so smart, so curious and interested in modern tendencies, politics, economics, globalization,cultural differences, richness and poverty, terrorism and wars, ecology and greenhouse emissions. The teacher is the one who only has to provoke a certain dialogue and to create a discussion. And this project is really unique one and it has to be held in every country. And I think, that we are already trained staff and we can work in other parts of the world and introduce to the children the hot issues and so we ourselves grow and continuously improve our own awareness and technological competence. Now when I have been once through this course I have to face the challenge to improve my knowledge and skills and competences, because I want to be more confident and to give more to the students with love and no fear of failure.

I am grateful for the time I spent in Finland, for the incredible people I spent it with, for the things I learned, for the sweet students the project met me with, for the amazing impressions and experiences, that will always remain in my mind.

I just got used to everything. Can’t we continue? :)


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Closing event-Helsinki

Did we learn something? Will our students remember us? We had so many moments, and so much silence sometimes during the lessons.. BUT THE CLOSING EVENT WAS THE LOUDEST THING EVER!! All the students reaching for hugs, desiring to speak about US, about OUR LESSONS,.. one of the teachers wrote me an e-mail in the night: “you made us all FEEL LIKE ONE BIG FAMILY”.. and that is when it awoke me- this was the impact.

We had speeches, our students did the same..the AIESEC HY was next to us..the Wall of Fame served its purpose..and the

We might`ve gotten emotional- but it was worth it! We made our promise for the future.. and we`ll folow it! We took our memories, folded them into feelings and shared on a canvas.

Things come to an end.. but what goes around, comes around ❤


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